Sales Tax Payable Account Issue




Our current JDE setup charges a sales tax payable account for the sales tax amount when an invoice is issued. The sales tax payable accounts are in the format of 4540.XY, where XY is the two-digit state code (ie. 4540.MN is the sales tax payable account for Minnesota). JDE determines what two-digit XY code to use solely based on the Category Code 19 value located in the customer master.

Unfortunately, our business ships to many different states, initiated by the same customer. We regularly override the address to meet the customer's needs. This results in the incorrect sales tax payable account being credited or debited, because a customer whose office is in Missouri, but ships to Texas, will have the Missouri sales tax payable account credited or debited for the order. Our company needs a way to override the sales tax payable account to be credited/debited, or simply have JDE use the "Ship To" override state value to determine the correct account to credit/debit.

Venkata Koduri

JDE 812 TR 8.98 AS/400 I Series