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Hi Lists,
Have this confusion bothers for a while.
When I set the specific commitment day to 60 in B/P constant, I always have the following situation:
1. If the SO entered with the requested date exceed the 60-day period,for example, today 10th May is the order date (the date key in the SO) and any SO with the requested date after 10th July (included), the schedule pick date is the same date as requested date we entered in SO detail. Also, the promised date in S&D inquiry (P4021) shows the same date as schedule pick date.
2. However, If the SO entered within 60-day period, that is when the SO with the requested date less than 10th July, the schedule pick date in SO detail will change to as the order date (10th May). This makes the P4021 always shows the order date (10th May) in the promised date field no matter what the really requested date is.
3. The only thing I can do to make the requested date in SO always equals to the promised date in P4021 is to take the 60-day out from the B/P constant. But I am not sure is this should be correct ?
We are on B7332 and SP11.3. We have applied 2 SARS but did not solve the problem. (SAR 4698661 and SAR 4064950)
Will be highly appreciated if any comments !