Sales Advance Pricing


Sales Advance Pricing ( Cess Calculation )

For Sales Advance pricing there are following adjustment

1. Basic price 100
2. Freight 50 (This is add on amount) This varies for a particular item
3. Excise Duty 24 16 % of (Basic price + Freight)
4. sales Tax 6.96 4 % Of (Basic price + Freight + Excise Duty )
5. Cess 0.348 5 % of (Sales tax i.e 6.96 )

As for Cess need to show it separate on the invoice and need to direct to different GL account there has to a different adjustment.

Total of sales tax and Cess to ( 4.2% of based on net current price) Will give the correct calculation. But as explained need to be separate.

How to create a adjustment which is % of another adjustment?


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Hi "Sunny"

Judging by your posts of the last few days, it sounds like you've got a rather interesting site there.
As far as your Advanced pricing query is concerned, the news is not good. I am not aware of any direct method to calculate "Cess". You could try and activate basis code 8 and hook up a custom bsfn into B4500050. This bsfn will read the tax adjustment (not sure if this is already written to F4074 at that time) and return the cess value.

Another dirty but easier alternative is to combine tax and cess into one adjustment of 4.2% with basis code 2. You will need to modifiy R42565, invoice print, to show tax and cess as individual entities, but since there is a fixed relationship between tax and cess, this will be fairly straightforward. Secondly you will also need to manually split cess and tax in your chart of accounts. A simple daily UBE and one resulting journal could do the trick (unless you need to retain cess and tax at order/line level in your COA).

Alternative three is similar to the second option, but instead of a journal after the event, you could run a custom UBE just prior to sales update, which inserts a cess record into F4074 and reduces the tax adjustment record at the same time

Good luck,

Sef van den Nieuwelaar
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