E9.2 REST Connector - How to pass entire response to orchestration?



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Hi folks,
I want to be able to write scripts in a step downstream from a REST connector that returns the complete JSON response. I was hoping that the response would be available to downstream orch components either as default (you can select it in orch outputs for instance) or even more ideally having a "return raw output" option on the connector. I assume there's a keyword I need to put in the response > body section but trying things like root didn't work. Anyone know this? I assume it's something really simple that I missed somewhere in the documentation.

I realize it's a kind of silly one, but I want the option there.


Hello Dave, did this solution work for you? I am trying to call an orchestration with raw json data
oh wow this is so long ago, I can't remember what I did yesterday let alone this :D

I think it probably did work for me! I'd have reported back if it hadn't (I'd like to think) :D

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