Report DS question eg:B0000178.h


Hello jdelist,

I have a question about generating a report data structure and pasting it in a C BSFN.
Upon viewing : B0000178.h

I came across the following:

/***************************************************************************** * Structure Definitions ****************************************************************************//* The following data structure is the Report Interconnect Data Structure
for R31SYN01. DO NOT EDIT this data structure manually.
This data structure should be built by the RDA -> GenerateHeader option.
typedef struct
{ char szEdiUserId[11];
char szEdiBatchNumber[16];
char szEdiTransactionNumber[23];
char cExportModeFile;
char cExportModeDatabase;
char cExportModeAPI;
char cErrorCode;
MATH_NUMERIC mnEdiLineNumber;

My question is : how do I build the typedef using RDA for the report as commented in the .h?

I am trying to build a BSFN that calls jdeLaunchUBEEx (discussed many times in the forum), but cannot figure out how to generate the incoming report DS using RDA?

-Thank you


Oneworld XE SP23, SQLserver 2005, WIN NT SP2


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Go into report design...
File menu
Report properties
Advanced tab
press button to generate header file

I see you're on Xe, so the exact process may be a bit different. I vaguely remember earlier releases being somewhat different, but you should be able to find it somewhere within the report properties.


perfect, thanks for the info.

In xe went to the Advanced tab, click subsytem job and Generate, created .h which I can then use to copy DS.

I'll now proceed to call launchUBE using parms.

Thanks much.