"Reply to your post" notification & Subject


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\"Reply to your post\" notification & Subject

Hi Eric, Support,

Could you include the original Subject into the "Reply to your post" e-mail notification that I receive when I mark the "Send me email notification of all replies" check-box submitting a new post/reply?

In my case, I am not a subscriber on the "OneWorld / XE" List/Forum although I watch it and sometimes post/reply there, further can not be subscriber on many Forums which has no List version (e.g General). Sometimes very hard to identify my original and replied post when I receive the mentioned type e-mail notifications.

Could it be better to attach the original post with the subject to the end of this type of notifications?

Thanks in advance,


B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


Re: \"Reply to your post\" notification & Subject

This sounds do-able. In addition to changing the subject line, I could make the notification reply-able via e-mail as well by modifying the reply-to address (hmmm, maybe not, this might be overkill).
As far as identifying the original post, you should be able to click on the link at the bottom of the notification to determine the thread.
If you want posts from boards that are not interfaced with a mailing list e-mailed to you, you can always turn on digesting for those boards by editing your profile.

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