Replicate Menus Using SQL


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We are planning on copying some menus into production. The following SQL
seemed to work when we copied it from dev to usa. Anyone aware of any
problems in doing it this way? Am I missing any tables?

- Ethan Post
- Oralce DBA

insert into usactl.f0082 (select * from devctl.f0082 where mnmni like
insert into usactl.f00821 (select * from devctl.f00821 where mzmni like
insert into usactl.f0083 (select * from devctl.f0083 where mtmni like
insert into usactl.f0084 (select * from devctl.f0084 where mpmni like

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I did that kind of copy but in B7332 over SQL Server, the copy was allright
but we have troubles in some menus with the intercativity, and we had to
copy with the tool tha OW had, Record Copy on GH9081.