E9.1 redistribute fixed order amount headervalue to lines


Dear all.. New on this forum i.e apologies for any newbee-mistakes .

We are on E9.1 . and using Adv. Pricing .

Looking for a solution to leave a fixed order amount agreed with the customer in the header and a way to have JDE work out the difference with total orderamount before VAT and re-distribute this amount over the lines as discount corrections ..


Agreed amount for the order : 1200
Normal ordervalue : 1500
Difference : 300 = 20 %

Every line in the order should now and on top of the stored conditions get an extra 20 % discount.

We have ways of doing this manually of course via Pricing History details etc. but would like to automate it.

Has anyone done this .. if yes how.. ??

We are planning to upgrade to E9.2 later this year , if there is a solution in 9.2. please advise also.

Thanks !!!