Recording stock 'events' in the Cardex



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Hi list,

We are using E9.0 and we have stock that is co-owned. We have a custom tool to transfer ownership of LOTs from ourselves, to the supplier/customer.

This then writes records to the GL so everything balances up fine.

A question has been raised that none of these transfers are recorded in the Cardex. So we have no track of the transfers we have made.

So we may insert custom records there to denote what happened to the LOTs etc. Kind of like 'memos' that don't effect base E1 function.

Which DCTs can we use to do this without breaking anything in E1?

I have seen 8 custom DCTS in 00 DT X1-X4 and Y1-Y4

Could we use these to write 'benign' records into the cardex?


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If you say you trasfer it thru custom app then how do you maintain the stock?. Looks like that app doesnt hit inventory?. Its been long since i worked in inventory but you can try location or branch plant transfer. I recall we had a dummy location which we used for 3rd party transfer. This was much longer in Xe and things have changed a lot since then.

I need a record of it in the Cardex. Nowhere else :)

There are many ways to do the transfer in E1, the approach we've taken just needs this final bit, to store a record in the cardex (plus and minus so it balances out)