recent announcement regarding CRM acquisition by JDE


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I would like to hear comments regarding the announcement by Hank Bonde =
of JDE, regarding the acquisition of YOUcentric, a CRM provider based in =
Charlotte, NC.

Rather than include the full text of the announcement in my message, =
please visit the JDE web site, the story is on the home page.

Is there no mention of Siebel? Wasn't Siebel the "hot" CRM technology =
that was supposed to complement JDE's offerings? Wasn't IBM providing a =
Global Services offering to implement Siebel in conjunction with JDE? =20

What does everyone think about this acquisition? Was it the right one? =
Do you think JDE can integrate quickly?

Bet there are a lot of opinions on this one...


Opinions expressed are only my own. =20
I was also wondering about the integration of this acquired software with
World. I did not see this specifically mentioned in the announcement. Does
anyone have any insight into this?
Have you gone to Siebel's site lately? I am looking at it right now, and
its nearly impossible to find a reference to JD Edwards on their site.
Maybe I just have had a brain lapse, and don't know where to look. But I
generally assume if it takes more than 5 or 10 minutes to click around a
site to find something such as a partner relationship... then its too long!

Or maybe Siebel has never pushed their relationship with JDE...

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There is a reference to World. If you look at the Product Fact Sheet on the JDE site, it contains the following heading over several bullets: "How the integration of YOUcentric’s product with OneWorld and WorldSoftware will benefit customers." So, apparently, World is in the plan.

Tim Lyons
brij Information Solutions