All-The-Colours-Of-A-Rainbow Stack???


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Hi All,

Please accept my apologies for the long post. After extensive searching on the world wide web, I thought I'd ask the question/take a poll on JDEList in order to help me get a better picture of what is out there. I know what platform to go for on any given Sunday but the frustrating part of it all is trying to convince management to do the same. I'm probably being bias towards other platforms but we're all entitled to our opinions and I will respect any that are offered here.

Choosing a platform as I have read is based on costs and the level of experience/skill within the organization. One wouldn’t go onto a hardware platform running Linux and Oracle database when the current platform was say Windows running SQL 2005. Having said that, a company could be prepared to pay the price for training and hiring of new staff, if the choice was to go the different route. The training and gaining of experience would be slow in the making depending on the individual(s) involved.

According to a document I found on the www, it quotes the following:

“From a system architecture perspective, the System i platform incorporates multiple elements. These include a distinctive basic system design; a highly integrated operating environment incorporating database management and other components; reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features drawn from mainframe systems and other IBM sources; advanced virtualization and system and workload management facilities; and industry-leading autonomic (artificial intelligence) features.

The System i also benefits from the performance strengths of the IBM POWER5+ reduced instruction set computing (RISC) technology. POWER5+ is a recognized industry performance leader that employs dual- and quad-core processors, chip symmetric multithreading and other advanced capabilities.

While the System i platform benefits from the performance levels that are characteristic of latest generation RISC processor technology, its architecture has evolved in a manner that is significantly different from that of UNIX as well as Windows servers.”

The performance benefits will be even more with the release of POWER 7 coming later this year.

We are currently running Xe SP23_R1 on an IBM i with version V5R4. We have been talking internally about upgrading to E9 with the following reasons for upgrading in mind:

Reasons for upgrade:
- Access to new and enhanced functionality – (Currently use Financials and Inventory) - including the Expense Management modules
- Better reporting tools – possibly get rid of current reporting tools we use if the functionality exists in the vanilla JDE Installation
- Dodge the bullet from the gun which is the sustaining support of Xe in 2013.

We have been in one meeting after another meeting trying to ascertain on which platform we should choose. We have completed matrices comparing all the colors of the rainbow with regards to stacks and what the best one will be. All the people that have used JDE at our organization have said stick with what we know.

The reason for the post is not to create a platform war (I have seen some heated debates on this topic here on JDEList) but rather to get a feel on what platforms you users on JDEList are using to run their ERP systems and the reasons why you chose the platform. Someone from our organization has been tasked to gather similar information on what platforms are being used out there but I thought I’d get another view from JDEList. I couldn’t think of a better place than here to provide me with some of that information.

If a similar poll has been done, I do apologize for repeating the process. I would really appreciate your feedback.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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