Receiving by Reference Number


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Explaining background - we are an international corporation using JDE as our base database source. However, in the US, we have a different warehousing/shipping system in place. The two systems are use interfaces to connect information.

When we sell product to our international markets (using a modified ST process), we then create the manifest in the other system. Currently, we don't tie the manifest to the OT orders in JDE. So, our receiving clerks do not know which manifest goes with which order(s) without manually looking at the paperwork. I can modify the interfaces to begin putting that number in the Reference or Supplier SO fields. However, I can't find a place where those two fields could be used for either/both reviewing (like Open Purchase Order) or receiving (i.e., I type in the reference number and the PO's using that number appear).

I've checked processing options to see if there are options, but I'm just reaching out to see if anyone else has ideas of what I could do.

Thanks in advance!
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