Receipt Routing wrapper - P43250


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Hi List,

I've been tasked with exposing Receipt Routing Movement, as works in P43250 W43250K and L as a BSSV and also as a BSFn to be called via bar code scripting software DCLink etc.
The goal is to update F43092.

Has anyone done this?

I look at P43250 and it uses the traditional cached Begin, Edit Line End Doc type approach. B4301520 XTN43092

If I look at F9862, I find ND3N4309 dcLink Receipt Routing (which looks like it too calls the B4301520 XTN43092 BSFNs)

Even R43092Z1I uses the XTN4309 functions

Should I just cut my losses and expose ND3N. Or is there something else I can call to do this.


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