Re: Xe, Coexistence & Configurator


Re: Xe, Coexistence & Configurator

Kathy -

We plan to move to Xe early next year but have not started our testing yet. We
use the configurator fairly extensively and will continue to be coexistent,
doing part of the configurator setup in World and the rest in OneWorld.

I am the moderator of a list-serve set up specifically for discussing the JDE
Sales Configurator and CustomWorks programs. Last week there was some
discussion on that list regarding some problems with the configurator in Xe. If
you are interested in finding out more about the Configurator/CustomWorks
discussion group please contact me directly and I'll send you the information.


Don Herd
JDE Sales Configurator System Process Analyst
Cascade Corporation
Portland, OR
e-mail: on 10/06/2000 02:36:26 PM

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cc: (bcc: Don Herd/CASCADE)
Subject: Xe and Coexistence

Hi list,
Does anybody have any experiences to report on using XE with coexistence (and
better yet configurator?)

Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance