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Re: Update in CLP possible?



Re: Update in CLP possible?

JeffWilson@aol.com wrote:

> OK ..a bit off topic..but there used to be a trick question I would use on
> technical test that stated "How do you update a file strictly in CLP?". The
> answer was, you can't. But then I thought I found a way to do it. And not
> using CPY or TAATOOLS. Just updating a single record. Does anyone know? I
> think I did this about 12 years ago, but I could be losing my mind. Thanks
> very much.

Did we work together???? :)

Years and years ago I created an UPDDBF command that would update a single
record from a CL program. It took three parameters, String Start Position,
String End Position, and Data String. It then used those parameters to slam
the Data String over the top of the existing record (regardless of any DB2
formatiing rules).

Of course when the shop DBA got wind of this he nearly blew a gasket! A
program like that is too dangerous to actually use against production data, and
he insisted that the source and object be removed from all of our systems.

Back then I thought he was a party-pooper.... today, I would have lined up with
him against myself. :)


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