RE: RE: Office 2000 and ER Design - Cut and paste problem ~~4650

RE: RE: Office 2000 and ER Design - Cut and paste problem ~~4650

Hi Zoltan,

You have an excellent point about the order (actually all your statements
are important). Once I have created them in a random order and, in RDA, the
assignments seemed to be correct(variables name were assigned as they should
have been - BSFN mapping seemed to be correct). However, when I went to the
debugger and looked at the BSFN mapping, they weren't (and, of course, the
application was not working). I would be curious to know how does the system
make those assignments - is it looking for the variable name or for some
sort of a "variable index".
But anyway, in RDA, from what I've tried, copying from Word is proven to be
more trouble than help. I was wondering if any of you found an efficient way
of copying from Word.

Adrian Oanta


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Hi Adrian,
At first, please, reply next time to "[email protected]" address instead of "[email protected]". Thanks in advance.

0.) Please, next time attach your system configuration information to your posts. It makes easier for us to discuss issues because many of them strongly depends on them. Thank again in advance.

1.) About copying from text editor to ER Designer see Harry'response to my previous mail.

2.) The best way to check pasted ERs in the designer tool instead of in the debugger. Even if you will see seemingly correct ER lines in the designer, you will see the bad or missing matching when you open the statement with double-click. You have to walk around on all parameters in BSFN calls and re-map or re-create all Table I/O statement as I have previously suggested.

3.) Starting from B733 OW identifies objects (e.g. APPL, UBE, DSTR, etc.) based on their IDs (name) instead of the old "Next ID" system. Unfortunately, I suppose that OW still identifies objects (e.g. variables, controls, report variables, POs, etc.) inside a report or application based on Next ID system instead of their names (native identifiers), so it could cause that pasted ER lines becomes corrupted.


B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)