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Re: generate JDE PO's from external sources


Re: generate JDE PO\'s from external sources


The is basically the same thing I was asking about on the list last week!

Since then we have come up with a solution to suit us.

Our issue was to be able to release from a blanket order based on what a
supplier entered on our extranet. What we were trying to achieve was what
the P43060 and P43032 to.

We have written our own program that populates the F4310 (PO Work File)
based on the information from the blanket order and what the supplier
enters on the extranet. Instead of calling the P43060 to release from the
blanket order, we call the P43032 and it creates the PO from there. We had
to add a program of our own to reduce the blanket order (which normally
happens in the P43060) and delete the records from the F4310 work file.

This allows our suppliers to ship us product when we need it based on an
agreement set up for the year and it gives someone in our company a chance
to review it before accepting the PO, put they don't have to do the data
entry, just hit th F6 key!

If you would like more details, send me an email directly and I will try to
help you out.

Pam MacKinnon
High Liner Foods Inc.

"Graves, Chuck"
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Sent by: Subject: generate JDE PO's from external sources

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Please respond to

Seeking advice on the best way to create PO's in JDE (A7.3 cum 11) from
an external source. The perfect solution would be ala "Z" file of some
sort, but I don't believe this exists. EDI creates sales orders from
external PO's, but I need to create purchase orders from an external
(P/C based) manufacturing system.
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