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Re: Electronic Invoices

Re: Electronic Invoices

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If by 'electronically' you mean via EDI, there are numerous packages for AS400
and multitudes for any PC platform (Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows NT, etc.).
You will also need to work with a Value Added Network. You have to have the
data in a format that is somewhat different from the JDE invoice file layouts,
and then you map it to the transaction set segments. The software you will need
is called mapper / translator. Some of it is fairly easy to use and some of it
is fairly complex, but the real problems will be business issues and setting up
your system to extract only the info you want / need for any given run, and then
getting all the data your customers want (their identifying info, their product
numbers, UPC codes, etc). The JDE invoice extract program is P42565, and it
populates files F47046, F470461, F47047, and F470471. Good luck:)

Jude Augustin <JAugustin@display-technologies.com> on 11/09/2000 03:03:26 PM

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Subject: Electronic Invoices

I am running A7.3 Cum 10, some of my customers want to get their
invoices electronically.
I could download it to excel and e-mail it to them but I am looking for
a user friendly alternative. If you have implemented a similar scenario, or
know a software package that could help me, I'd like to hear from you.

Jude Augustin

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Re: Electronic Invoices

We are using Adobe Products:
1) Adobe Output Designer - Software used to design the Forms to print Invoices
2) Adobe Visual Transformation Editior - Extract Data from spool file passed from AS400 to our PC win2000 server
3) Adobe Central Server - Prints the invoice to printers or fax or email.

This is out it works. A spool file is generated, eg an invoice, then this invoice is send down to The PC server as a text file, the server then extract the data in the text file and place in on the form you design, then it email or fax or prints the spool file in a more presentable format.