Re: CFINT01 goes crazy


Re: CFINT01 goes crazy

Hi Richard,

CFINTnn processes are IBM's way of ensuring that you use a server box as a
server, and not an interactive processor. These processes kick in when (or
performance degrades) when interactive (or other) thresholds are reached.

See white paper:

Trust this helps,

>From: "McClure, Richard" <>
>Subject: CFINT01 goes crazy
>Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 14:57:20 -0400
>We are co-existence running most of the JDE modules. Every once in a while
>we have two tasks ( CFINT01 and CFINT02) that go crazy. They both run
>up about 95% to 100 % of the CPU for hours. We can't seem to figure out
>is causing it. The problem is intermediate and we can't reproduce it, it
>just happens. It isn't even at peak times as it occurred during the
>Christmas holidays when we were at 1/2 staff.
>Has anyone encountered this problem before?
>We have:
>XE and A73 cum 12
>AS/400 V4R4 enterprise server with latest service pack.
>Client access Express with latest service pack.

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