Re: CFINT01 goes crazy


Re: CFINT01 goes crazy

CFINT01 is the interactive feature governer. When your interactive use goes beyond what you purchased from IBM then this job kicks in and uses CPU cycles to reduce your through put.

The 01 is the processor number so if you have two processors you may see CFINT01 and CFINT02.

We are having the same problem as well. We have ordered an upgrade to our interactive feature to eliminate this problem.



>>> [email protected] 01/18/01 12:57PM >>>
We are co-existence running most of the JDE modules. Every once in a while
we have two tasks ( CFINT01 and CFINT02) that go crazy. They both run taking
up about 95% to 100 % of the CPU for hours. We can't seem to figure out what
is causing it. The problem is intermediate and we can't reproduce it, it
just happens. It isn't even at peak times as it occurred during the
Christmas holidays when we were at 1/2 staff.
Has anyone encountered this problem before?

We have:
XE and A73 cum 12
AS/400 V4R4 enterprise server with latest service pack.
Client access Express with latest service pack.