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Re[2]: World 8.1

We had some experience with the WIP Revaluation process. We
successfully retrofitted the release 8.1 code to run on A73.10.

There were a lot of file changes that required detailed analysis to see the
impact of using the A73 file structure. Our approach was to get the
program to compile and execute on A73 and to then evaluate the results
through extensive testing. The evaluation turned up multiple issues that
had to be addressed before we went live.

It took us over three months to analyze and code one 8.1 program and to
modify the A73 code to interact with it. Not for the faint of heart.

If you don't have very talented RPG programmers with above average
super-users, it seems quite dicey.

Joe Bittle CPIM, CIRM
Senior Business Analyst
Bio-Rad Laboratories
Redmond, WA

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Subject: Re: World 8.1
Author: <jdeworld@jdelist.com> at Internet
Date: 4/20/01 3:25 PM

If you suceed let us know, I think many are in your shoes.


Dave Johnson
Manager, Technology
Libbey Inc
PO Box 10060
Toledo, Ohio 43699-0060
Phone 419.325.2441
Fax 419.325.2731
Email johnsdk@libbey.com

Need to know whether or not anybody has tried to move just a module of a new
version of the software into their current version, without totally

We're on World 7.3 cum 11 and just need the EDI portion (more specifically
just the EDI portion related to A/R invoices outbound) of 8.1. Since we all
know there won't be anymore major upgrades short of One World conversion,
can you tell me if you've tried it, what are the things to watch out for,

Julie Sisson

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