R98403XB JDB_OpenTableXML gives error Open XML failed



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Hi folks,

I've been tinkering with R98403XA/B today and got the XA to produce an XML file happily enough and now I'm running XB to get the data copied.
I keep getting the Open XML failed error but it is openning the target DB table ok and coming back with row count.

I try with a custom table F55208C but same also happens when I also try with F0101 but it is obtaining the correct amount of records on F0101 in the PDF. but the XML Count is 0. So I am confused.

I'm moving data from PY to DV and am running the UBE locally.

POs are as follows:

Environments tab.
C:\F55208C.xml (also happens if I drop the .xml)
Business Data - TEST

Advanced tab.

Data selection Object Name = F55208C

My file name is F55208C.xml and the table is already in DV yet I get error Open XML failed

Any ideas whats causing this please?
I've tracked it to BSFN B98403XA
nJDBReturn = JDB_OpenTableXML(hUser, szTableName, NULL, lpDS->szXMLPath, JDEDB_XML_READ, FALSE, &hSource);

It seems to be returning code 4

Log says
WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Load JDEJVM library 'JDEJVM.DLL'
WRK:Starting jdeCallObject JDB3100080 - Failed to get XML Stream Reader or Writer for XML file: F0101.xml in directory: C:\F0101.


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You don't put the XML file name in

You leave that blank and use the object name data selection