R47011 Company association


I'm on 9.0 running R47011. We have the F47011 and F47012 files loaded with company '00011' in sdkcoo,sdco, and have szmcu=11324 that is tied only to company '00011'. Yet when the program runs and created the order in the F4201,F4211 it is outting company '00010' in the record. Since the branch is tied to the company 00011 how could company 00010 get in the record. I have looked at related address on addressbook, business unit master file f0006. Can't see anything out of the ordinary. Any help on where else I can look would be great. This was working fine until about 2 weeks ago. then it changed no reason.


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Not sure this is the solution but:
1.Check the version of sales order entry configured in R47011 batch.
2.Check the Default Branch/Plant processing option of the sales order entry version (pand set it to your MCU (11324)
3. Run the report again