R42950 Re-price sales orders


I'm running UBE R42950 to re-price the sales orders after making changes to the Base Prices. The majority of orders are processing correctly whether they have been affected by the price adjustments or not. Some are showing an error on the report "The previous order contained errors and/or warnings. Please see the Work Center for details." the work centre message is
Informational: Call From
Contact :
Phone Number :
Tickler Date : 06/02/2019
Subject : Error: Quantities Must Balance
CAUSE . . . . The Quantity Ordered must equal the Quantity Shipped plus
Quantity Backordered plus Quantity Canceled. All quantities
must have the same sign, postive or negative.

RESOLUTION. . Reenter the Quantity Ordered, Quantity Shipped, Quantity
Backordered and the Quantity Canceled.

So on the F4211 order detail table UORG = SOQS + SOBK + SOCN am I correct in that assumption?
My quantities based on the above are correct.
This is happening for all lines where a value exists in SOCN
The processing option for P4210 is version ZJDE0001
Is there a processing option in the P4210 version that needs to be set?

We are on release E9.2 Tools release




I am running R42565 Print Invoices and then R42950 Sales Order Batch Price/Cost Update reports in QSINGLE thread.
But It takes so much time to complete.

Sale order is having only 1 line the reports takes near 30 minutes to process and complete,
I check the server, and the server is okay,
Can anyone guide and help in these report programs?