R42520 put lines on BO Log err OS40001021


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OneWorld B7332 SP 11.2
Random lines going on backorder when inventory exists.
Using Lot Control but non lots also go on back order
JDE Log shows following errors
OS40001021 - DBFetch: there is no ODP - cursor is not opened
JDB9900172 - Failed to execute db fetch

We have been to JDE and they are no help.
Has anyone had this problem??
How can I fix it?

Happens in all env.
Happens with all versions and have created fresh ones.

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Deborah Foster
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1) Is it running ok locally?

2) If not, I have the impression this is a software bug. JDE knows of this problem on different UBE´s. Look at this SAR, 3556186, which is related to a manufacturina UBE. It shows the same error.

Hope this decription helps, it identifies the reason of the problem.

OS40001021 - DBFetch: no ODP
When running R3483, we encounter the following database erro
rs:OS40001021- DBFetch:there is no ODP- cursor is not opened
JDB9900172 - Failed to exeute db fetch

The business where the error is occuring, opens two differe
nt handles to a single table. It uses both handles.
The first time through the business function, the JDB_Fetch
is successful, however all subsequent fetches fail with the
above messages.
This is caused on the AS/400 and only in MBF's where the sam
e table is opened more than once.


The code has been changed so that the HRequest can keep trac
k of the its associated SQLCache.
The fix will be made available in B7331_SP7, B7332_SP10, and


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Re[2]: R42520 put lines on BO Log err OS40001021

No it is not running locally either.
Can run a single order through ok but always fails when in batch.

Thank you,
Deborah Foster
Business Systems Analyst
Akorn, Inc.
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