R40211Z Violates Memory!


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Allow me to share some B7321 development, please. Any idea on what might be done is appreciated.
Some History:
H0 - I want to convert Sales Orders with Detail Attachments.
The process populates the Z files (F4001Z Header & F4011Z Detail & F0041Z1 Transaction), and
then run the R40211Z Batch Editor to create the ... hum, REAL Sales Orders.
H1 - In order to pass some text to be translated into Sale Orders Detail attachment,
I added a NOTE DDItem (a String of size 50) to F4011Z Batch receiver File - Order Details, at the bottom of its field list!
H2 - In a UBE I am Using the GT4211A sf. with the SET action, and F4011Z's Note as OutputText, and, of course, the Order#, Type, Company & Line# as key.

Some (bad) Results:
R1 - the GT4211A doesn't do the trick; the F00165 doesn't get populated (with the proper record). It seems I am missing something ... another sys. fctn.?
R2 - Worse now, I have a problem with R40211Z! It is violating my computer's memory!
"Business Function F4211FSEditLine at line 79 for Event 13 in Section Sales Order Detail F4011Z has caused a memory violation."
Needless to say that line 79 is just a comment/separator line in ER; the real F4211 EditLine is in line 77 :)
Am I right in saying that modifying F4011Z was a bad idea?
Converting the attachment_to_be into a separate table is the answer?
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