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R31410 creates item branch with blank information



I am running R31410 for a WO with parent item. It is linked to *OP item. But the *OP item is not present in Item Branch table for the given B/P.
For e.g. I have a WO 10002 with item as 492200 for B/P 'MCU1'. The 492200*OP100 item is present in Item Master (F4101), but not present in Item branch (F4102) for B/P 'MCU1'.
I run R31410 and it creates an entry in F4102 for the item *OP100 and B/P properly. But the Stocking type, Gl class, Commitment method values are blank in F4102. So it is basically an invalid item branch record.

How can I make sure, it generates proper item branch record. Item 492200 has all the proper values in item master and item branch.

Please advise.



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If using 'outside processing', the *OP items needs to already exist in item branch with stocking type 'X' and line type 'X'. It is a virtual item thus expected to have no inventory
hence commitment method doesn't matter.