R0990102 (G/L repost) Performance


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Any one using XE, with Windows 2000 abd SQL 2000.
I ran a G/L repost two days ago. It ran for almost 12
hours. It was a repost for just two Accounts and we
barely have 2000 records altogether (not yet live).
It dropped the log at around 4:30AM and after
terminating the UBE, our system went down.
We brought it back 30 minutes after. Later on, our
Technical Consultant discovered that after terminating
the job that there was a file generated by the
R0990102 (R0990102_xxxxxxxx_6962.pdf, this file is 4
Gig large. It took almost 2 hours to delete that file
and get the system going again.

I spoke to Response Line and they asked me to apply
ESU JD12194, which we did. We tried to test it again
last night and it seems like the ESU did not work as
it should have. Our system went down again and it is
taking almost 3 hours to get our server going again.

Therefore I am warning you. If you already have
encountered this problem, please advise us and if not,
take heed of our problem and stay away from running
this report on the server. It runs fine locally.

XE, SP15
Windows 2000
SQL 2000

Ulrick Ceus
A JDEdwards Product Certified Consultant
USMTech Consulting Group, Inc
Gilbert, Arizona
[email protected]
[email protected]