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Hi List,

Anyone ever tried to write screen using the Purchase Order entry Master bsuiness functions? I am writing a screen to allow users to update purchase orders and would like to use the MBF's since these will handle all the audit trail stuff.

Is there any JDE documentation on this? Detailing required fields for the business function etc?


Tom Brown

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Hi Tom,
Although I never used the mentioned MBF in a custom APPL, I can suggest some way to get some documentation.

1.) Check the attachment of the BSFNs as well as the attachment of their Data Structure and the attachments of the Data Structure members, if any.

2.) Prior XE, the Published API help contained a chapter "Master Business Functions". I recently describe how to acces this help in a previous reply to an other post. Please, see it there.

3.) Check the "Generate BSFN Documentation" and Business Function Documenrtation Viewer" facilities in the GH902 menu.

Hope, some of this can help.


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thanks zoltan,

I have already got all this info from the sources you suggetsed, and none is
much help. I was hoping someone could point me to a more friendly document!