PTF SI17783 Causing Problems For Anyone Else?

Hi all. I don't post on here much, so I hope I'm putting this in the right place and giving you enough information.

We are running on a partitioned iSeries with our Production, Development, and CRP environments on different LPARs. The production box serves as security server for the others. We use opticonnect to communicate between the partitions.

Over the weekend, we put the latest cume and hipers on, which included ptf 5722SS1-SI17783. We IPLed all systems at the same time, and everything got applied properly.

Problem is, after we start the non-production environments, they have all kinds of problems: such as:

/*sample of errors, non-inclusive*/
OS40002001 - Error Type: OTHER enum: 12 - QBFCPRCED API internal error!
JDB9900164 - Failed to connect to System - B7333
/*end sample*/

We've also got a MF environment on our development sever for SP23 testing. When we try to start that with this PTF applied, we get:

KNT0000306 - JDENET Error = eNetNotInitialized
SEC0000002 - Unable to connect to security server AS01DEV Running OneWorld with user's signon and password This may or may not work depending on the databases' security.
/*end sample*/

That's odd to me because our security server is AS01. But, I'm thinking that the later errors are all bunk, and if I could resolve the first error, the others would simply go away.

Oh yeah, if I remove SI17783, everything starts working again.

Any ideas?


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Is this for V5R3?

How did you determine that the issue was with that specific PTF? Congrad's.

I applied the latest cum, group and hiper ptf's to my development server in March and have had a couple of MCH* errors, at least one of which I've had a PTF created for it.

i'm fighting an MCH0601 right now, trying to get the 8.11 services up. Ill watch out for your ptf, it was not applied to this system, so it must be on a later hiper.
Actually, it's for V5R2.

I'm beginning to think it might be because the MF/SP23 environment is running on a different port than our central server (AS01).

I think what we are going to try is wait until SP23 is fully installed and all our environments are talking on the same port. Once that happens, we'll try to get the PTF on again. If it works, we'll chalk it up to different SPs on different systems.

I'll keep the list posted...
Just thought I would let everyone know, that even after SP23 was completely installed and ports all set back correct that it appears that SI17783 is still causing issues.

We're going to V5R3M0 this weekend, so my solution was just to use RMVPTF.