Promoting a copied Processing Option object


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I have copied a JDE report, along with selecting the option to copy the related processing option object. This worked fine. My issue is when I attempt to promote these objects from one environment to the next (DV to PY). The report and it's versions get promoted fine, but when it hits the PO object - the process stops and fails. I get the message "Error: Commit or Rollback Failure". If I remove the PO object, the project promotes fine - but it does not with the object. Any ideas?

I am working with Xe - SP 16.1



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Hi "srdeprez",

First of all you are welcome aboard!

Have you checked the Logging/Log Details/Full texts after the promotion as well for the project as for the PO template object too in OMW?
Have you seen any strange in the jde.log?
Have you switched on debug-log an examined it?

Please, let us know what have you seen in the mentioned logs. Maybe you have to try the promotion with a new project to reproduce the logs.

P.S.: I suppose that you have already revised your OMW configurations, settings like Activity Rules, User Role and Allowed Actions mainly for DSTR object type, effected statuses and user roles.

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Do you have two environments both pointing to the same path code but each environment is using a separate versions list table - F983051?

There is a known issue with the above setup. Please see SAR# 5350026

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I tested this again and got the following in the JDE.LOG file:

(start of jde.log)

329/319 Thu Nov 01 15:26:58 2001 JDBODBC.C2026
ODB0000183 - SQLExecute failed

329/319 Thu Nov 01 15:26:58 2001 JDBODBC.C2026
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Unicode conversion failed. The code page of the SQL server must be installed on the client system. - SQLSTATE: S1000

329/319 Thu Nov 01 15:26:58 2001 jdb_drvm.c887
JDB9900401 - Failed to execute db request

329/319 Thu Nov 01 15:26:58 2001 jdb_exet.c4432
JDB3400009 - Failed to perform Insert for F98306

329/319 Thu Nov 01 15:27:00 2001 jdb_exet.c5284
JDB9900228 - Failed to commit user

(end of jde.log)

Is there an ODBC setting wrong? Which one?
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