Production Line Start/Stop Times


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We are on A7.3 cum 8. We are interested in tracking and reporting on the
start and stop times of a few of our packaging lines, and we'd like to use
the JDE database files to do it. Each line could have dozens of work orders
processed on it in a shift, and we are not interested in the start and stop
times of each work order, only the line as a whole.

I'm wondering if we could set up some kind of a "dummy" item to represent
all products filled on a particular line, then create a work order for the
dummy product, and use the Hours and Quantities screen to record the start
and stop times for this work order only. Then our reporting on schedule
attainment could be based on the F31122.

Am I on the right track? Would you use a "planning bill" for this? Should
the item be a non-inventory item of some kind? We don't want any journal
entries to be created as a result of this recording and reporting process.

Does JDE support the tracking of resource utilization times in some other
way (other than by work order)?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


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