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I have a problem with a processing option that I have created for a UBE:
- the processing option is based on DD item OSEQ which is a 4,0 Numeric field.This is defaulting to 0 when no value is entered in the processing option. However when a new value is entered in the Processng option it is not being picked up in the UBE.
For example: when I change the value to anything other than blank, the value in the UBE is still remains 0.
I have checked the value in debug.

Anyone come across this before, or am I missing something?




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Did you create your UBE version before attaching the processing option template to the UBE. If you did your version will not know about the processing option template (and your value will appear as 0).

An auto-created version will have this problem.


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thanks for info:

Originally I thought this was the problem so I deleted the old version and created a new one which now should be based on the new processing option template. I still can only see 0 as the value.


David Robertson

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Hi Dave,

Generally, I am able to add new processing options without having to delete the versions, so I doubt this would be the problem. Also, if you can see and select the PO variable in the ER, then it should be OK. It is generally only certain types of changes at the report level, such as "Suppress Output" that require deleting the versions.

That said, from experience I have still found it to be a good practice to delete all versions when I make changes, as sometimes changes that "should" (according to the JDE manual) apply to all versions don't seem to work.

Also, if the version was the problem, then I would expect that the DD default of zero would not be applied, and you would be seeing <null> in your program.

The only problem I've had which sounds similar, is when security has been applied by the CNC team. There is a security option they can set (using a batch SQL update), according to the UBE owner, which is not diplayed on the versions screen. When you prompt the processing option, everything goes as normal, but the UBE does NOT get any changes that I made to the processing options. If I go and look at the processing options, my changes have not been changed.
This is unlike the normal security, which would tell you that you are not authorised to make changes.

This may not be your problem I realise, as you've already stated that you have recreated the versions, so you should be the owner by default.


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Hi Dave,

First of all, You Are Welcome on the JDEList Forums/Lists.
Let me add my two cents too.

1.) Do you run your UBE locally when you detect this problem? You know, you have build a server package from all object of your UBE and deploy it to the server to refresh it there.

2.) How have you created the new version, via Add or Copy? If you have copied then try to add.

3.) Are all effected object refreshed on your workstation when you run it (locally)? (Get/Check-Out)

4.) Were the PO and the UBE developed on the same workstation, path code, environment or did some transfer happened?

5.) Check your PO references in the Event Rules double-clicking the statements. Revise, do you see the same when you open the statement as you see in the ER list?

Welcome aboard!

P.S.: Next time could be usefull for us if you would attach your system configuration informations too to your post(s). Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the info:

The problem was that the version was copied from an older verion which had 'prompting - no processing options'in version detail. This has now been changed to 'Prompt for values'.

The 'mystery' is solved.

best wishes