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Can you assign a form to a specific tray of a printer? Through print immediate out of JDE not through Adobe

Bill of Lading in bottom tray

Terms in conditions in top tray

Please reply asap. 12 days til go live


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We had the same problem when we went live 2 years ago. And there wasn't a solution then. I do not believe there is a solution now either, unless they have changed something I am not aware of.




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Re: RE: Printer trays

One question still remains. Is there a way to set UBE #1 to source 1, and UBE #2 to source 2 all the time? The report design only allows the selection of the printer, not the printer and source. We have two unique preprinted forms we are using and do not want the operators to have to switch paper or source selections at runtime.


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Re: RE: Printer trays


I don't know if this information will help you as you haven't shared your configuration with us ...

As noted by Matt under XE you can now setup default printers by UBE and specify the default Paper Source. To accomplish the situation you want where UBE #1 always prints to Tray 1 of Printer ABC and UBE #2 always prints to Tray 2 of the same printer just set up an alias for Printer ABC (call it XYZ) and create a new printer definition for XYZ in One World that has Tray 2 as its default paper source. Then setup UBE #2 to point to XYZ as its default printer.


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