PPAT - Internet Email (A7.3 cum 11)


Is anyone having success sending Requisition Approval notifications from
A7.3 cum 11
to MS Outlook email? (or any email system outside of JDE?)

- The JDE-specified UQF 4268696 / SAR 3711377 have been applied.
- Able to Ping MS Outlook email server
- SMTP subsystem is running
- ADDTCPHTE for MAILSWIT with mail server's IP address - done
- XSMTP version XJDE0001 points to @MAILSWIT
- IBM Owner of J011123 is QSECOFR
- JDE Users will not be receiving email from sources outside of JDE so that
part is skipped.
- WRKNAMSMTP parameters are:
- User ID: TWPANN (valid user profile)
- Address: PPAS4001 (AS/400 system name)
- SMTP user ID: tpann (valid user within MS Outlook email
- System Constant within P41204 has been set to: Internet Enable PPAT
Messages: Y
- Who's Who File F0111, Remarks field WWREM1 has been set to:
[email protected]

Test Requisitions are entered fine, but the Approval email notifications
still show only
in JDE email. Nothing shows in MS Outlook email.

If anyone sees what is being missed in the above and could suggest
corrections it would
be most appreciated. Thanks.

Terry Pann
Business Analyst
Perry Judd's Inc
World A7.3 cum 11
IBM AS/400 Model 720, running V4R4M0
My JDE project leader has been working on this and she said this functionality does NOT work. She said JDE is working on it and she has a call open with them about it.

Mohawk Industries, Inc.
JDE A7.3 C11, AP,GL,AP,PO,IN...


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If she gets it to work please have her post what she did to get it to work.
I have worked on that forever and haven't been able to get it to work
either. The messages just disappear into limbo land with no errors or
messages that it didn't work. I have had an open ticket on it for almost a
year. SO KDO's whoever comes up with a solution.

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Sally, thanks for the info. Sounds like you are further down the
road than most of us. When JDE resolves your call, please
let the rest of us know. It would be helpful functionality for
a lot of people.


Could you give me some additional info on what you've tried. I think the
PPAT email functionality uses a SNDDST under the covers. If so, there are
some settings needed on the AS/400 to enable SNDDST to be able to route the
message to your network email server so it can be forwarded correctly.

Alan Caswell
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