POLL: Dr. Watson Errors


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Hi there!

I've seen that Dr.Watson occurs under these circumstances :

a) Workstations with 64 (or less) Mb RAM. OneWorld needs 128 Mb to
work comfortably.
b) Workstations with Windows 95/98/Me, those operating systems are
not reliable enough for OneWorld. Use either NT Workstation 4.0 or
Professional 2000, they're not as stable as you would dream but run
quite fine with OneWorld.
c) Excessive use of UserOverrides, those are the user defined tabs on
applications that use grids (such as P0411, P4111, P0911).
UserOverrides are kryptonite for OneWorld, avoid them as much as
d) Non MTR Compliant installations. If JDE says that you should install
that NT or SQL Service Pack or this MDAC, then you have to install it.
For example, it's no sense to leave SP1 of SQL7 when JDE requires SP3.
e) Some service packs are more unstable than others. Look for info on
the KG (under Breaking News)

Finally, my experience was the following :

B7321 is awful, Watson pops up too frequently.
B7331 is quite stable, it's got some hangups but you may live with them.
B7332 has had lots of Watson until SP 15.1. It's very sensitive to user
B7333 haven't seen Watson's yet (Except where Useroverrides have been
been migrated from a previous B7331 installation).

Sebastian Sajaroff