PO Status Not Updating Correctly


The Receipt application P4312 seems to work without errors, but when we attempt to receive a line fully, the PO status is recorded not as 400/999, but as a partial receipt, 400/400.

The status information seems to be written to a cache incorrectly, and then that incorrect data gets copied into the PO ledger file, F43199 and then into the PO detail file, F4311.

The Data Structure VerifyActivityRuleStatusCode (D4000260A) and BSFN B4301360.c seem to be at the heart of the issue, but I could use help on how to test/fix it from here. I have logs from my FAT client if necessary.

OCM mappings do not seem to be the issue, as we have two environments, one mapping this BSFN locally, the other mapped to the server.



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We have seen the same thing re wrong status codes. We have also found
problems with the status codes in F43121. Also, look for incorrect values in
F43121 in APTD (amount vouched) field. On POs with multiple lines or
multiple receipts, we have seen P0411 copy an amount in APTD in record XYZ
to ALL other records for that PO. So received-and-unvouched lines will not
vouch, etc. If your AP folks are getting bogus-looking "tolerance error"
messages, I would look for this as a possible cause. We wrote a program to
fix the F43121 receipt records by: 1) test for lack of a matching voucher
record (MATC =2): if no voucher for this receipt, set APTD = 0 in the
receipt record (MATC = 1). 2) If there is a matching voucher, copy the AG
value from the corresponding record in F0411 (which appears to be OK). Are
we having fun yet ? No. Oddly, we did not see this problem until a few
months ago. On same version, same SP. I dunno.

Dave Mallory Denver Water 7332 SP 15.1 Oracle 8.1634 NT 4.0