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Have you guys dealt with issues where you need to move PO status back (ie from 400 to 300) under certain conditions? How did you go about doing it?

We have requirements where a PO can be changed up until it is fully received. Some changes need acknowledgements from supplier. We receive acknowledgements through BSSV (P43XPI). So, what I've suggested to business is to modify OAR to accept acknowledgements at 400 status as well - which will basically move the PO from 400 to 300 status. There's a lot of push back that I am receiving from business, saying they can't do that.

Technically, I am not sure how to handle it, as the PO Acknowledgement transaction fails if we don't define 300 as an acceptable status if PO is at 400.

I've attached a file where I have recommended to add certain status to OAR. Please advise me how you guys have handled such issues where PO had to be moved back.

Also, is it industry best practice to flow statuses only one-way (forward)? Not sure why I am receiving push-back from business that POs can't be moved backwards - although, in reality, they are making changes to PO on statuses which demands PO to move backwards.


JDE 9.1/8.98/Oracle


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Yes, we have statuses that have to be reversed occasionally. As long as the status change is logged in the PO Ledger it should not be an issue. The program P43025 - Status Code Update can be used to change the status as long as the status is an acceptable status in the OAR. Then the P43025 can be secured to specific users and specific functions that have been instructed on the reason and ramifications of moving the status. The processing options of the version can be set with default values and have the Update to Next Status fixed so it can't be changed to a another status. Additionally there will be the Menu History of the access of the program. Also a scheduled query/WW could look for PO ledger changes for a Last Status of 400 - Next Status of 300 for a specified date range i.e. between Today - 1 Day and Today - 8 Days for the Last Week.

Or can the PO Acknowledgment program have a version that will process at a Status of 400 and "Not Advance the Status" set for a RePrint?

George is correct in that you can use the P43025 to move a PO to different statuses as long as the status you are moving the PO to is in the status flow.
Typically you would not want to move a status back if a receipt has already been done. The status flow should flow forward through the statuses.
Moving a PO back to a previous status should be done as a controlled move and not by an automatic process like a print or a receipt.
Based on the PDF you attached, all of your PO's should go to a 300 status and wait for a Supplier Acknowledgement to happen. Once the Supplier has acknowledged your order and can meet your requirements, then the order should more the next status, in the case of your PDF to a 380 status.

I hope this helps some?
Jim Rubino
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Thanks guys - I understand that PO statuses "under normal circumstances" need to move forward and not backwards. But consider the following scenarion

1. PO is created with QTY = 10 - sent to supplier portal for acknowledgement (220/280)
2. Supplier created acknowledged (280/300)
3. Supplier sent partial shipment of QTY = 5 (300/400)
4. Buyer goes and changes remaining QTY of 5 to 4 - sent to supplier portal for acknowledgement (300/400)
5. Supplier acknowledges the change and the acknowledgement transaction comes back to JDE. What should happen at this stage? I was expecting the PO to move back from 400 to 300 - to show acknowledgement in JDE. But my business gurus say, it's not possible. If I don't allow the status to move back from 400 to 300 at this stage, the PO ACK would fail, stating the Order Activity Rules don't exist. Remember, I am using Business Services processpurchaseorderacknowledgement which uses P43XPI which has processing options for Acknowledgements. It's slightly different than receiving acknowledgements through EDI R47021 as in the R47021 PO, if I leave the status blank, it doesn't update the status, whereas, if leave the status blank in P43XPI, the BSSV would fail.