Performance problem with runbatch


i'm novice.
I've JDEDW 9.1.4 (i think) and I'm a DBA non a JDE Specialist.
I've a performance problem when on our oracle database run the runbatch program.
The number of commits is very high and the top activity is on log file commits and parallel write.

Top 5 Timed Events Avg %Total
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ wait Call
Event Waits Time (s) (ms) Time
----------------------------------------- ------------ ----------- ------ ------
log file sync 1,128,890 640 1 37.1
log file parallel write 1,129,076 593 1 34.3

There is a method or a workaround to fix this?

Thank you

Runbatch is a utility to run JDE Batch processes, called UBE's (Universal Batch Engine). As such the activity created by the Runbatch depends on the UBE it is running. What is the name of the UBE? It will probably start with "R" and be followed by numbers. For example: R09801.