PDF printing Junk from Citrix-client


.Hi List,

OneWorld XE version.

We are facing problem of Printing Junk characters for all citrix =
clients. We have Acrobat 4.0., we tried with acrobat 3.2
From direct/Fat client it is working fine.=20

Any Help.

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In the upper right hand corner of your print dialogue box in Acrobat, there is an option that says, "Print as Image". Try checking that and see if it works. That is how I fixed this problem.



Ryan Hunt


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Take a look at the MS knowledgebase article Q267896
This article details your problem and has a hotfix available for this issue but I caution that you test this hotfix thoroughly before implementation on your production servers as it has been known to cause random blue screens.
FYI: Acrobat 5.0 is the only version of acrobat reader that Adobe supports on Terminal Services and supposedly does not have this problem but I have not independently verified this claim.

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I too have not verified the Acrobat 5, however I have had a lot of problems with Acrobat 4. Our current solution is to use Acrobat 3 on the terminal server and we have had no issues with it.
I've found this issue seemed to relate to PCL drivers and metafile spooling. Either by disabling metafile spooling when printing from PCL drivers or using PostScript drivers (these don't use metafiles) you'll fix this problem.

Mind you this hotfix looks more promising and appears to give you a better 'global' fix. I've found messing with printer driver types and disabling metafile spooling involves greater admin overhead and more training for end users.


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