Unable to print from E1 to Jetfrom


We have two JDE E18.9 production instances in our project.

->The first instance is installed and running through citrix servers.

->The second instance is installed in a Fat machine for support purpose.

When we trying to print INV/PO from citrix, the production jetform can able to print the doc without issues. But when we trying to print the same doc from Fat client it is not working and we are getting the attached error [We have installed jetform locally in that Fat machine] .

For your information, the Standalone version of JDE & Jetform in Fat machine is the exact copy of the production instance. Both local E1 & Jetform were working properly and suddenly we started to face this problem.

Test Case which we tried:

1. Placed the Local E1 PDF output to local jetform server - Not printing

2. Placed the Local E1 PDF output to production jetfrom server - Not printing

3. Placed the Production E1 PDF to Local jetform server - Printing without issues

Could you please refer the attached log and suggest if we need to check any settings from JDE perspective to make E1 PDF support by Jetfrom


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