Payroll Vacation Accrual Set-Up question


Problem: At the present time our payroll dept does not have accruals for
vacation for hourly employees set up in the system. Our accounting
department would like to start using that function to accurately reflect the
effect vacation accrual has on the business. I can't get into the politics
of the problem, but it has been decided that IT needs to fix it and my boss
has turned over the task to me. After reading the payroll manuals I'm still
at a loss at understanding the correct order of steps I need to follow to
accomplish this task. Do you think I need to attend the payroll classes to
accomplish the task I have been given OR is this something that could easily
be done if someone could give me the correct order of steps. It gets
complicated because we have different vacation policies that are in effect
and OLD Plan a NEW Plan and a SWITCH Plan.

I would like to just start with the new plan and assume that's the only plan
I have to deal with until I understand the steps. The new plan would accrue
.02 hours per hour worked regardless of years of service and they would lose
it 18 months after anniversary date if not taken. We are on 7.3 cum 11.
Any help you can give in the steps or direction I should take would be
greatly appreciated.

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