P4947, UPS, and IE10...


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Is anyone else using the shipment tracking functionality from P4947 (which you can get to as a row exit, Track Ship Piece, from P42101) to see tracking info at UPS.com? If so, have you had any problems with it? We've suddenly started having the page it goes to just get hung up loading. I think it may be only IE10 that's having the problem, and it's probably something UPS has changed, but I wanted to see if anyone else has had the problem/found a way to fix it.


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Hi Scotti,

I'm going to hijack your post a second, if that's ok .

Do you mind me asking how you send UPS your tracking reference numbers?


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We are also having an issue with linking to UPS tracking info when using IE10. We haven't found a fix yet. Setting compatibility mode doesn't help. Linking from IE8 works fine.


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Jeff, I was afraid of that... as best I can tell IE10 totally doesn't work with the UPS tracking page anymore. I was hoping maybe it was some parameter I could change in our URL, but it just doesn't seem to work any way I try. IE11 also works fine, but we're currently stuck at IE10 for our JDE users.

John, it's set up in a row exit in Carrier Master (P4906) called URL -- it opens a text attachment and you can just paste in the URL you want to use for tracking using the string $REFN$ as a variable for the tracking number. Once that's set up, when you select a row in the Track Ship Piece screen, it automatically goes there.
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