P4210 to AR Files, maximum of 999 Pay Items


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Hi to all,

We have an unique situation with E1 9.1

We have a few dozen customers that we have over 8000-10000 lines in one order (P4210-F4211) with over +1000 different geocodes for one order.
We are using Vertex Series Q with E1 9.1.

When doing the Sales Update, we are reaching a limit with the 999 Pay Item in the AR Files. which force us to split the order in multiple invoices.

This got our customers upset as they want only one invoice # per contract rule with our company and our customer portal.

We are looking to see if we can manage over 999 pay item in AR by a config or have one invoice with multiple geocodes...(+1000 geocodes).

Is one of you ever got this problem? Any tips are welcome.

I had this problem too. An invoice that consist of 1275 transactions.
I solved this by splitting those transactions into 2 different invoice.
However, if your customer only one invoice number, then your best bet is by changing your sales update processing option.
You can try to use "summarize A/R" processing option, by summarizing by invoice, shipment, cost center or ship and cost center. That should reduce the number of your invoice's pay item.
However, it is impossible to track back which SO is this pay item, since the entry will be summarized.
Hopefully this will solve your issue.

Abdur Rahman,


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There is no configuration setting to increase the number of pay items in AR (and AP). The field length in the data dictionary is 3.