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OW XE Distribution / Inventory / GL Problems

Hi all,

We are facing following issues [Random errors] while using Oneworld XE.

1. Sometimes Item Ledger [F4111] showing duplicate records with different unique ID [Document Type, Document Number, Order Type, Order Number, Item No, Quantity & Line ID showing same contents]
Why this is happening ?

2. In Sales Ledger Inquiry [P42025] application sometimes it shows multiple lines of Sales Order with different status.

3. In Inventory adjustment [P4114] application sometimes when we reverse the entry, effect of reversal entries not reflected in the Item Ledger [F4111]


OneWorld XE [Service Pack 15.1]
Intel NT
Oracle 8.1.6

prashant haldankar


Active Member

I have two questions.

1) Do you have any other systems integrated with OneWorld?
2) Are the F4111 transactions originating from only one computer?

We have had similar issues, but first I need to know your answers.