OutSide Operations


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Is anyone using Outside operations?
What are the steps to set one up. I know you have to create a routing but how
do you set up the Work Center? Where do the costs come from? Are there any
documents on how to set up an outside operation?
Any help is appreciated.

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To setup an outside op..

the item master/bp:
item name: item124*OPXX (XX = operation # from routing where the o/s work
center is)

Stock type X
line type X

Cost of item: 08 or 02 if std cost sys let roll to the 07

The above is only if you want to cost of the O/S operation to be a part of
the standard cost for the parent item.

work center: non critical work center with no machines or employees. set as
not a paypoint

Routing must have 3 things for Purch Ord to generate for the O/S

cost type = D1
supplier = Supplier address book #
PO y/n = "Y" (this tells the system to create the op)

OP will generate when parts list and routing are attached via the R31410.

You do not have to set the item up in the item master or branch plant unless
you want the cost of the O/S to be apart of the standard cost of the parent.
the system will automatically create this item for you but the cost is not
part of the standard cost for the parent item.