Open URL in a specific browser tab


Hello and a Happy New Year,

we've created a customer sales detail application.
By using a row exit, the address number (AN8) is taken and an URL (to Siebel CRM (single sign-on)) using the AN8 is opened in a new browser tab displaying the customer page in Siebel CRM.
With each new tab, a new session is initiated. This was changed by JDE once upon a time.

As we don't want to have several session opened in tabs and also get a warning when opening another session in a new tab, if a session already exists in another tab,
we would like to open the new tab in an already existing tab (to override the session).
We got the idea to search for a tab with the title containing "Siebel CRM" and use this tab to open the URL from the row exit.

Question: Is there a way in E1 (maybe with java script) to find a tab with a specific name and open the URL in this tab? Or are there other ways to realize this?

Best regards,