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Hi as some of you know I developed a fairly good environment colour program. Now I have moved onto the Auto Debugger for the jdedebug.log file that hides on your C drive. I have started developing this application and you can select a variety of debug options. Files opened, SQL calls, and a special option 'Auto Debug'.
This, once fully finished, should think and debug for you and give you the infomation you need to find a solution to the problem. A current test gave me the following result:

value is 2 for GetItemMasterDescUOM. (BSFNLevel = 1) - Line : 303
Last Table Opened : F41001 - Line : 284
Last SQL Call : SELECT * FROM JTSTDTA2/F41021 WHERE ( LIITM = ? AND LIMCU = ? ) - Line : 202
Last Business Function : GetItemMasterDescUOM, Program : P4105 - Line : 299

-[ Debug Analysis ]-

Table ' F41001' Closed Before Error. Reading The Table Was NOT The Problem
Direct Cause of The Error was The Business Function : GetItemMasterDescUOM
NOTE: Current Can Not Debug SQL String, Upcoming Feature

This looks pretty basic at present, but once fully operational, this should do our hard debugging for us :)
I will start releasing test versions soon. Please do'nt email this time, my inbox was flooded last time :/
I will put it up on the download section here, as soon as the good admins have time to :)



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On a similar note, we did this:

Created a little VB app that is always running on the client machines that
will wakeup every 5 minutes and scan the jde.log file for certain strings
("error" ' warning" "cannot" etc.). Once found, it will modify the log by
adding a line to the top that contains the user ID, machine ID, date and
time. It also renames the log with machine name date and time. This log is
then automatically emailed to a sepcial support mailbox where it is
monitored on a daily basis to see what is really happening out there. This
becomes more valuable after service packs and other large changes are put
into production. Often errors will be present but they are not presented to
the user, so when asked, they say that everything is OK, when it may not be.

Contact me if you want the details.


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Re: RE: OneWorld Auto Debugger

Very good, but its not the same program ;)
This one doesn't just report the errors, it tells you why they occured, how to fix them and if it can't, it suggests ideas to possible solutions. Eventually once up and running, it will debug, find a solution have its own db of OneWorld tables, etc. It will find the problem, give a fix and if you grant it, it will fix it for you, Depending on the problem ofcourse. So the program you created isn't quite the same, it reads, reports, emails. Mine does report, it does keep track of errors, but it debugs them, gives u analytical data, suggests solutions, upon permission granted it will try fix it for you, produce a SQL string and upload data (in accordance with its db file on the OneWorld version your using). This isn't an easy task, but its one worth doing.

For those of you who are scared of the idea that it will try fix it for you, when it asks your permission, it will tell u how its going to fix the problem and if you request it will list every detail its going to do.

You see many SQL calls in OneWorld, i hope to replicate those calls (the ones requesting data), so that it can determine what was extracted in teh SQL and if there was an error there, e.g. SQL call didn't select any data.



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