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We are in the process of implementing One World B733 and Citrix and would like to talk about performances over WAN (Frame Relay or VPN) for Citrix users.

Anybody who would wish to share comments?

Thanks in advance

Philippe CAENARO

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Citrix allows One World to run over various WAN topographies with good response time and small bandwidth. What exactly are you looking for ? I actually run it over the internet with good success.
What are you looking to find out ?

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What is the "(While it is still up)" mean?

Chad Anderson
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I created AppzRent after leaving JDE (hopeless plug) - but the company that owns AppzRent has gone the same direction as most other web companies - ie spent all their investments, with nary a penny for marketing....

So - try it out before it disappears ! Its free, and is certainly a great demonstration of the power of Citrix....especially shows the power of seamless applications versus the Microsoft model.

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