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B7332 sp 11.1, NT, SQL server 7.0

I have been told that you can create a full package installation CD to do
client installs instead of pushing them through the network. I have also
been told to use Product Packaging to do this. But, to me it seems that
Product Packaging is for updates only and seems a bit complex at my CNC
stage (6 months). Is it poosible to do full package CD's and is it easy?

The problem, I had deployed multiple custom reports that were working fine.
Until recently a couple of users were running a custom TB variance report
that showed double the amount for the month of May while other users had no
problems. All packages built correctly and were deployed to the two
workstations in question. On the first machine I tried to check out the
report locally and got a spec error. I then re-installed the full package
and re-tried the check out and got the same error. I then removed the JDE
installation via WINDOWS NT ADD/REMOVE programs and deleted the rest of the
B7 directory. After re-installing I was able to check in and/or run the
report successfully. With the second user I had the same error when checking
out. This time I logged out, turned on debugging and was going to re-do the
check out hoping to get the error logged. But, I checked out successfully
and I was able to run the report with no problems. It has nothing to do with
security as I was using the users ID. Does this ring a bell with anyone?


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I dont use Product Packaging anymore. Its just as easy to create the CD
manually once your package is built. You need to copy the following folders
from your Deployment Server to a CD:-

OneWorld Client Install

And create a folder called package_inf (or copy it) and copy your INF file
for the package you want to build into it

And create a folder for your pathcode and package eg PRODB733\Package\ and
then copy the package folder into it eg PRODB733FA

Before you copy the INF file you need to modify it to not look for the
deployment server anymore


These lines need to be changed to look something like this depending on
your paths.


Also check the Deployment and Build status before burning a CD

Most of this is in the Package Deployment manual.



Thanks Shokie, I was searching the KG and could not find anything. Please
send me the document at my Transamerica address.

Thanks again,



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Just wondering why do you check out your reports before running?
You should only need to check out a report if you are making changes to
the "template" or such (changes to the report itself). Just running a
report does NOT require a check out.

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Lisa, we are not checking out reports to run them. I had a problem with a
couple of users getting wrong information on a report. I was trying to check
out the report to get the correct specs to the desktop. My suspicion is
corrupted spec files on the desktop but I am not sure.